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A friend picked up this child’s chair at the Bantry market and the seat was damaged so I wove it with sea grass. I love working with natural materials like this!



Ring the bells that can still ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in

Anthem by Leanord Cohen

Detail from one of my pen and ink drawings.

I love to recycle jewellery. I love the fact that we can take something that has been worn and re-work it so it can be enjoyed again and again. It confirms my belief that we have what we need already, just need to have the imagination to see what it can become.

This was a bracelet that broke and from it I made two rings and a pendant. If you have silver like this that cries out to be re-worked, send it to me to be transformed. This works well with all types of sterling silver jewelry. 

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The aquamarine is set in sterling silver with a double band on the inside, flat on the outside. I loved making it because of the size, color and shape of the stone. I wanted to emphasize the beautiful hexagonal shape. Sold.

This tourmaline’s color is very unique because it is green with purple flowing through. I have rarely seen anything like it before or since I got it.
Update: It looks like this stone is actually not tourmaline. I have consulted another expert! Sold.

This lemony apatite comes from Mexico. Complete with a rainbow inclusion….Sold.