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Last in the Fire series… there is a flame within this seemingly tiny setting. It is a sterling silver coil shape and set with a blue-green tourmaline wand. sold.


This blue agate is wire wrapped in silver with moonstone beads. Like the center of the flame where all heat is concentrated, this necklace is for balancing and centering active energies so as not to burnout! Available.

Agate Citrine Carnelian Necklace. The lovely agate is from a trade that I did in Ireland, it is wire wrapped in copper. This is one of my favorites from the fire series because it is chaotic, free and full of energy. This one is good for manifesting abundance, drawing passion and increasing energy. Available.

For creative expression, energy, and activity. A heart clasp in sterling silver gives the necklace a loving twist. Available.

The beads on this necklace are African tourquoise and the pendant is a mystery stone I recieved as a gift. Sold.

A smaller sister of my original Selenite pendant, this one shows off the stone a bit more by being minimalist with less silver. Stone is from Morroco. Available. Feel free to contact me to discuss a purchase.