Welcome to Cloud Jewellery!

I’m a jeweller and I live in West Cork in Ireland. I specialise in handmade sterling silver pieces using basic fabrication. I use silver and a combination of gemstones, crystals, shell or glass to create a unique piece of powerfully personal jewellery. I source my stones in India, Asia, North America, Africa, and Europe. I like to use raw minerals as well as polished gems, some of which I cut and polish myself. My main interest is in the healing properties of stones and my vision is to create unique pieces that compliment the client in design, colour and spirit.

I specialze in creating individual custom designs. Clients choose a stone from the collection to be made into a ring, pendant or bracelet. Sometimes people bring a stone with personal significance to be transformed into a personal piece of jewellery. Often one chooses a color they are immediately drawn to, and find that this stone may enhance their development on a physical or emotional level. I follow the natural shape and texture of the stone because it is perfect in itself. With minimal fuss, the result is one-of-a-kind personal jewellery.
These photos show my work space. As you can see, I use just a few hand tools. I don’t use any machinery when I work, other then when polishing.