I love to recycle jewellery. I love the fact that we can take something that has been worn and re-work it so it can be enjoyed again and again. It confirms my belief that we have what we need already, just need to have the imagination to see what it can become.

This was a bracelet that broke and from it I made two rings and a pendant. If you have silver like this that cries out to be re-worked, send it to me to be transformed. This works well with all types of sterling silver jewelry. 

Do you have bits of silver jewelry that you don’t know what to do with? Perhaps you loved wearing a bracelet so much that it broke off or fell apart.  Maybe you value it because someone special gave it to you and  you don’t want to ‘get rid’ of it…

Cloud Jewellery will upcycle it for you.

I will fabricate something new from the broken pieces you send me.  I can make that special bracelet in to a  ring, pendant or earrings for instance. Try it, you will be amazed at the result!

Contact me for more information about upcylcing*