Don’t be left out! The Adjustable is a custom ring made to fit easily on your finger when you have enlarged knuckles.  I have made several of this type of ring, each one unique in design but with the same function.  It has to be comfortable to wear and adjustable.

When a body changes from the effects of surgery, arthritis, accident or enlarging of the knuckles or any other reason it is not easy to find jewelry.  If a finger doesn’t conform to standards (and lets be honest…who would want to anyway?) a ring is either too loose or tight. People struggle to find the right fit. How many times did you try something on to find that you couldn’t get it off?

A solution to this is a ring that fits comfortably and can be taken on and off with ease, no matter what shape of finger.   All the customers who have bought an adjustable ring are delighted with the result.  It is open on one side so that you can adjust the fit. Try it and see!